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BMW 730D 2011 dpf delete egr delete remap

I don’t usually leave comments for work carried out on my car. But I feel compelled to let you know that salim knows his craft and don’t judge a book by the cover. You have many so called remappers who use copy and paste files to alter vehicle dynamics unbeknown to many people saving a couple of pounds means you end up spending many hundreds if not thousands to correct there mistake.

I was searching for a person to do work on my car, finding many people on gumtree advertising very cheap prices. I called saleem and did my research and found out that doing anything on my car was not as straightforward as many other cars. The ecu has to physically come out and be operated on so to speak. So I called around and many so-called tuners were saying they can tune it via the ODB port in the vehicle! … Alarm bells quickly started to ring.

The best advice I can give to anyone is to give him a call, as his knowledge in this field is definitely not a copy and paste job rather a bespoke service for your car.

Khan Ali, North west london

The service provided was excellent and quick which was very handy. The end result was superb considering how poorly the car ran before I had the work carried out. I Would definitely use these guys again and recommend them to friends and family.
Abz Pochiya

Would definitely recommend using these, I have had many vehicles remapped, dpf removed on different vehicles from Audi q7’s to transit vans. Use these quite often even though I live in Ireland. Well worth the trip for me. Would defo recommend to anyone thinking about using them. Saleem himself is very helpful and knows what he is talking about. Had many transits remapped and noticed the difference immediately.
John O’Leary, Ireland

Had my car booked in for a remap, Saleem was very knowledgeable and had the remap done super quick!! I’m so happy with the result, my car now runs a lot smoother, I get more mpg, and most importantly it goes like a rocket!! Can’t stop smiling, High recommended!!!
Dobbins Ben, Croydon

Took my ford focus 1.6 over for dpf removal, but it was still lacking power. They put the car on the ramp and notice a pipe was off, so replaced and the car is working fine. Thanks very much for your help and will recommend you to everyone! Cheers.
Justin Moss cwmparc, Rhondda

I have had my van remapped as I am a courier and found that the mpg increased significantly whcih is great as I do some really heavy mileage being a courier. Saleem was very knowledgeable and helpful in getting the job done quickly and efficiently.
Mick Jones

To be honest, I am surprised by the speed of the job, the service is outstanding. I had my mini remapped and now it is more fuel efficient!. Thank you so much.
Lorraine Wardell

I would like to thank you for the quality of your service. I will recommend you to my colleagues and friends. I couldn’t believe the power my BMW has gained – a standard 320d that now is as quick as a 330d! All I can say is wow – and my fuel economy has gone up to 40mpg! Excellent Job!
Charlie Solo

met Salim early September to remap my a class! must stay the performance is now amazing and very nippy. no problems at all. Salim is very honest and easy going lad, did the job within 20 minutes. would most definitely recommend his remapping service , as he is truly amazing at what he does!

thank you very much!
Tyreek Burton

Very satisfied and happy for the services received.
I can say, very professional, knows what he’s doing. Many thanks

Fabian Dumitru

So I travelled 3H to a garage I was booked in, he seen my car and after plugging his computer in, he then said I have a hole in the air filter which I stated it’s new & then he said it must be intercooler which is also newly fitted, so I searched google and found Salem’s dpf remapping company which was the best place I’ve been to in years, he talks you through it so you understand everything, he doesn’t stop working on the car untill everything is sorted & his main concern is customer satisfaction! He is also very fairly priced for the amount of work he puts in and would recommend everyone to go here as you will leave the place with a smile on your face!

Joshim Ahmed

An excellent firm. Fast, efficient and good value. I would not go anywhere else for a tune up.

Thomas Woodham-Smith

Saleem is super knowledgeable and very honest. He was able to correct some dpf work another mechanic messed up and turned the work around super fast.

Nick Benjamin

Removed the DPF from my Transit custom which had given so many problems. Van runs lovely, will only trust his with my van from now. Cheers

Kinetic Plumbing & Heating

DPF London has been very professional with their service. They made my Jaguar very happy (and me as well). Thank you Salim!

Ibrahim aydin

Having been to VW main dealers and three local Garages; the team at DPF London managed diagnose and fix the DPF issue and re programme the system. Highly recommend this local business.
Good customer service, resolved issues in a timely manner. One happy customer 🙂.

Saayidah jilani