Welcome to DPF LONDON.

Vehicle Remapping, DPF Carbon Cleaning

We have carried out extensive research which enables us to develop our own bespoke software tailored to meet your individual needs. Many vehicle manufacturers restrict their engine’s performance to offer a broader range of options. This is where we can help with the increased optimisation and capabilities of your vehicle, and we provide a safe and reliable resolution to tuning your engine. We are based in Croydon and offer a mobile service covering most of the home counties and London.


“Took my ford focus 1.6 over for dpf removal, but it was still lacking power. They put the car on the ramp and notice a pipe was off, so replaced and the car is working fine. Thanks very much for your help and will recommend you to everyone, cheers!”

“Excellent Service. EGR deleted and remapped. Power is superb and the economy is very good after remap. Fault codes deleted. Excellent communication all throughout. Very good value for money!”

“I have had my van remapped as I am a courier and found that the mpg increased significantly whcih is great as I do some rerally heavy mileage being a courier. Saleem was very knowledgable and helpful in getting the job done quickly and effieciently.”

“I would like to thank you for the quality of your service. I will recommend you to my colleagues and friends. I couldn’t believe the power my BMW has gained – a standard 320d that now is as quick as a 330d! All I can say is wow – and my fuel economy has gone up to 40mpg! Excellent Job!”