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Here at DPF London (Custom Tuning Ltd), we concentrate on vehicle tuning.

We have carried out extensive research which enables us to develop our own bespoke software tailored to meet your individual needs.

Many vehicle manufacturers restrict their engine’s performance to offer a broader range of options. It is a common practice to remap engines to provide varying levels of performance or economy which in turn has higher output or more efficiency. The manufacturers will sell these models at inflated prices.

This fact shows the engines can withstand much higher tolerances. Reliability is another very important issue, to us as it is to you.

This is where we can help with the increased optimisation and capabilities of your vehicle, and we provide a safe and reliable resolution to tuning your engine.

We are based in Croydon and offer a mobile service covering most of the home counties and London.

Please call us today and ask to speak to Saleem  07854 912308