Performance Tuning

Petrol and Diesel Performance Tuning Service, ECU Tuning, ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning

DPF London can cater for you, and a simple performance Tune re-calibrates the tuning parameters within the factory vehicle’s ECU  to maximise the available power, torque and untapped potential of your car.

When performing a DPF London Performance Tune, we re-map fuel and ignition curves to deliver the optimum power and drive ability.

While tuning, we remap the volumetric efficiency tables, high and low octane ignition tables, power enrichment, IAT load correction catalytic converter over-temp protection, we re-calibrate maximum allowable torque  & reset torque management, fan temperature switch control, abuse mode re-calibration, transmission shift control.

Proven results of every job done show:

– Increased Torque
– Smoothness of Drive ability
– Increase in Fuel Economy
– Measurable Gains in Horsepower

Your vehicle deserves the best, and that’s DPF London