We offer complete DPF Cleaning Solution work on all vehicles that suffer from DPF problems including Cars, 4×4’s, Light Commercials & Commercial.

DPF Cleaning Solutions

We have a wide range of dpf cleaning solutions for cars and trucks

The Diesel Particle Filter Cleaning service is a cost-effective way to get rid of your DPF and headache.

What is a DPF?

The Diesel Particle Filter is a device incorporated into the exhaust system that is designed to reduce or get rid of the soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

How to know when there is a Problem with the DPF?

If by no fault of your own, the filter does not regenerate efficiently then the soot builds up more and more. This could be because of stop-start driving or short journeys. When the filter becomes 75% blocked, and the Engine management warning light or DTC light comes on, then no amount of driving at any speed will clear the filter. It needs to be taken to a dealer (or does it – read on)

DPF Carbon Cleaning with Terraclean

During DPF Carbon Cleaning

DPF Cleaning

After DPF Carbon Cleaning

DPF Specialists

With our revolutionary DPF TERRACLEANING equipment, we’ll get you back up and be running for a fraction of the cost of any genuine DPF.

This will require us to have your vehicle for a few hours to install our DPF Cleaning equipment without having to remove the DPF from your car. This, in turn, will be less time consuming, therefore, fewer labour costs and will get you back on the road Fast!

We have been enjoying huge success with our Terraclean DPF service, it truly is amazing how well it works (even with most blocked DPF’s).

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