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TerraClean uses unique technology and machines and is taking the UK by storm, developed initially in Canada it is a revolutionary, advanced and effective decarbonisation solution, ideal for today’s multi-valve, high compression, direct injection, petrol and diesel engines.

If you have a vehicle with more than 15,000 miles on the clock or more than 1-year-old, then you should consider having a TerraClean service. Our DPF London mobile technicians work from our Croydon depot in London and can service all surrounding areas. We can come to your home or workplace to carry out a TerraClean on your vehicle.





TerraClean technology was developed by a group of scientists who were commissioned by the Canadian government to design a zero-emissions engine in Canada. Although they did succeed in doing this, the costs involved in developing vehicles to accommodate this new technology was too expensive to put into practice and therefore non-viable for everyday motorists.

Upon closer inspection of the test vehicles being used they discovered that the technology they had developed contributed significantly to a reduction in standard carbon build up within the combustion area of the engine. Not only that, it was removing pre-existing carbon and other deposits such as tar and varnishes that had previously built up over a period.

So there it is, almost as if by accident or as a by-product of this experiment we are now using the same technology today in our TerraClean machines that were used by the Canadian scientist to develop zero-emission vehicles, giving you a cleaner and greener drive!


One of the main issues with a combustion engine is that it will naturally produce carbon while burning fuel. This carbon looks like soot from a fireplace so can be easily identified, Carbon deposits build up and accumulate in your vehicle in many places including the air intake, combustion chamber, Injectors, valves and exhaust system, which will restrict your car’s ability to breathe correctly resulting in all sorts of problems including lack of performance and poor fuel economy.


Carbon soaks up your car's fuel just like charcoal does on your barbeque when you soak it with lighter fuel. You may have noticed that just seconds after you spray on the lighter fuel, the briquettes look dry again! This happens in your combustion chamber if you have carbon build up. As the air/fuel mixture passes over the carbon on the back of the intake valve, atomised fuel particles are absorbed that were intended to pass into the combustion chamber to be ignited by the spark plug.

Modern vehicles have very sophisticated fuel systems, measuring precise amounts of fuel, giving your vehicle precisely what it needs based on your current operating conditions. These systems, however, are not able to detect how much fuel is absorbed in this way to keep the vehicle running smoothly and efficiently as intended, resulting in poor performance, and lost fuel economy.
Causes of Carbon deposits can also be linked to the following:

- Modern fuels both Petrol and Diesel
- Additives used in fuel
- Low Grade or poor quality fuel
- Stop and Start traffic – short trips
- Driving conditions and driving style – the way you drive
- Emission control systems (Exhaust gas recirculation systems)


Driving styles can make a difference to how often a TerraClean is required. However, with our mobile vehicles always operating close by in London we recommend regular TerraClean services annually or every 15,000 miles. It couldn’t be easier to book your TerraClean service, and we will come to you at home or workplace.

Terraclean is best used as a preventative treatment helping to prolong your vehicle component life by essentially taking the vehicle back to its original level of cleanliness when new.

TerraClean can be used on cars, vans, HGV's, coaches, Taxis, motorbikes, boats and plant machinery.

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