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Audi and VW Swirl Flap Removal

The Audi/VW 2.7tdi & 3.0tdi v6 engines often suffer from swirl flap problems. This is usually caused by broken rods, swirl flap solenoid/motor.

These faults can be repaired by replacing the offending parts but, are quite expensive and you will only be putting off the inevitable.

There are two inlet manifolds on these engines, and the base of the swirls flaps only have a 2% wear tolerance. Once this is reached your ECU recognises this, it goes into limp mode, and you will not be able to rev your engine over 2500 rpm, and there is a considerable power loss.

Your options are: 

Buy brand new inlet manifolds from Audi/VW. As previously state, there are two inlet manifolds and two motors. The manifolds alone retails over £400 plus vat each!

Try replacing the swirl flaps with a repair kit. This is labour intensive and nine times out of 10 doesn't work. This due to wear on both, the swirl flap and the aluminum inlet manifolds.

The best course of action will be to get us to reprogram your ECU, and disable the fault using our original and state of the art equipment to get rid of this problem forever!

We have a database of hugely satisfied customers who have paid only a fraction of the price with no more limp mode, no more loss of power, smooth running vehicles. We give a lifetime guarantee... Lifetime meaning lifetime

If you have any question on how this is possible or would like to know more, give us a call and we’ll only be too happy to talk to you.

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